Dr. Ramiro CONDE

Président du Conseil de Fondation

L’homme n’est rien que ce qu’il s’est efforcé d’être.

After getting a MS in Physics from EPFL, Ramiro Conde obtained a PhD in Physics (Biomedical engineering in micro-endoscopy) from EPFL in 1995. Working then for a small start-up company over a 2-year period, he develop a new assembly method for micro-endoscopes, using robotics and micro-systems.  Ramiro Conde carried on his academic career working for CHUV-EPFL over a 2-year period, with the responsibility for developing an innovative experimental therapy for early cancers in the oesophagus (PDT- PhotoDynamicTherapy).


He started working at Colibrys in 2000 as a development engineer in the test and assembly department. Ramiro Conde was responsible for optimizing the micro-assembling process using a complex robotics approach aimed at producing micro-optics stacks. This activity required knowledge of the techniques for micro-systems production in a wafer fab, with a focus on micro-machining on silicium wafers. In 2004, Ramiro Conde moved to micro-optics production. He developed manufacturing of micro-diffractive optics, including all the steps from numerical simulation to design and finally to production of quartz micro-structured wafers.

In 2010, Ramiro Conde moved to a new field, teaching mathematics and physics at “Ecole de la Garanderie”. This school is based on the pedagogy of Antoine de la Garanderie, an innovative method for developing high potential students in optimal conditions. This pedagogy revolves around gaining conscience of the main cognitive steps involved in knowledge acquisition. The school offers a very intense and rich relationship with the pupils. Ramiro Conde is mainly involved in the individual coaching of the students in a multi-level system.