Secrétaire générale

Que celui qui ne sait pas saisir le bonheur quand il vient ne doit pas se plaindre quand il passe.

Miguel Cervantes


Laura Martinez obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Murcia (Spain) with a specialised Master’s degree in neurosciences, a Master’s degree in neuro-psychology, a Master’s degree in clinician neuro-psychology and a Master’s degree in music therapy.

Laura is a Spanish teacher (Cervantes Institute) and has a singing diploma (Professional path) from the Conservatorio de Murcia (Spain).


For four years she has worked as coordinator for the service of active volunteers in a Spanish association for the fight against cancer in Torrevieja (Spain), as neuro-psychologist in a community centre for elderly people in Guardamar (Spain) and as choral singing teacher at the municipal school of Torrevieja (Spain).

Laura is currently continuing her education in musicology and ancient music so as to have a master’s degree from the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, en Barcelona. She would like to enhance her knowledge in neurosciences in a practical environment (in gerontology and more specifically geriatrics) and, in parallel, to pursue her professional career in opera singing. Laura would like to explore the use of music-therapy and to offer concrete propositions to reinforce the cognitive functions as well as to increase the autonomy of elderly people.